Why do I need battery storage for solar PV?

By Dynamic Solar PV

Solar PV Battery Storage

Having Solar PV panels installed on your property is just one step towards powering your home with solar energy. If you wish to completely self-generate your home’s electricity, you will need battery storage. 

Without battery storage, your property will be connected to the power grid which is good in a way as the excess electricity your solar PV panels produce during the day is sold back to the grid. However, during the night when your panels aren’t producing the electricity you’re using, you will be drawing electricity from the grid. At night, you’re dependent on your electricity provider. 

With battery storage, you can have the choice to store the excess electricity you produce during the day or sell it back to the grid. 

What is solar PV battery storage?

To achieve total independence from the national grid, solar batteries are a must. With battery storage, you can use the stored electricity during the night, meaning your home or business using renewable energy 24/7. Solar batteries are mounted inside the home, rigged up to your solar PV panels. Once the electricity produced by your panels is converted to an AC current, it then charges up the batteries in your home. Your batteries can charge while you are using the electricity and, most importantly, while you are away, meaning you get the most out of the electricity your panels produce. 

Is it worth getting battery storage?

While the cost of solar batteries may initially put many people off, having them installed will guarantee complete self-generated electricity. Batteries ensure your home will be completely independent from electricity produced from fossil fuels, bringing down your carbon footprint. Not only will you save money in the long run, being no longer dependent on the grid during the nighttime hours, you will still produce excess electricity once your batteries are charged. Your utility bill will only have incomings and no outgoings. 

What does a battery storage system require?

Solar Panel and Battery

In order to charge up the batteries storage system, the electricity that the solar PV panels generate must be converted from D/C to A/C. The set-up requires an inverter that, when connected to the batteries, will charge the batteries as the panels generate electricity. Hybrid inverters consist of a built-in storage battery, however inverters and batteries can be sold separately. If, for example, you already have solar PV panels installed but your inverter is connected to the grid, you may choose to instead attach a battery to the existing inverter. If you are installing a whole new system, choosing a hybrid inverter is the better choice as fewer items are required as part of the storage system. If the battery built into the hybrid inverter does not store sufficient electricity for your nightly consumption, additional batteries can be added to your system which can be charged up while you are not making use of the electricity your panels are producing. 

If you wish to make your property completely independent from the national grid, you will need a higher end battery to accommodate your energy consumption. If you wish to combine storing electricity with selling back electricity to the grid, a smaller storage system may be best. 

The average price of a 3.6 kWH hybrid inverter is around £1500, compared to a 9.5 kWh hybrid inverter which costs around £5,500. With many different models available on the market, it’s best to shop around. 

What’s best for you?

The type of battery and size truly depends on your nightly energy consumption. Generally, a 10kWh battery is more than capable of managing all your appliances at night. If you’re interested in having batteries installed in your property, we’re available to give you a quote and advice on which battery size we believe is best suited to your needs. 

At Dynamic Solar, we offer an end-to-end service, covering all your solar power needs from the initial survey of your home to the installation and upkeep of your panels and storage systems. If you wish to convert your home to renewable energy, we can help. You can request a brochure to find out more about what we offer and also speak to a member of our team. 

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