What to Expect When You Have Solar PV Panels Installed

By Dynamic Solar PV

While you may feel tempted to install solar PV panels yourself to cut back on the cost, it’s not advised to do so. Only if you have experience in construction and wiring would it be safe for you to carry out the work yourself. Some solar PV panels are designed to make installation as straight-forward as possible. It can be an easy job but it’s definitely one that should be carried out by the experts – especially if you want it done to a high standard without any mishaps along the way. Solar PV Panels and installations come with a guarantee to ensure that all work is covered, giving you peace of mind.

At Dynamic Solar, our service doesn’t just cover the installation itself. We deliver a bespoke service where we carry out in-depth surveys on-site so we make sure you go into the process with all the facts and no hidden surprises. We check the suitability of your roof, the stability of the structures that will support the solar panels, and also check the rafters. We measure up the space that you have available, calculating how much solar PV panels we can reasonably install and therefore how much renewable electricity you’ll be able to produce at your property. We will also be in a position to give you accurate costs and timescales following from a site survey. The installation itself is only really just one part of a larger service.

How much does installation cost?

It’s not a straight-forward answer as the cost depends on the type of mounting system, the number of solar panels being fitted, the complexity of the work and the level of electrical work needed to wire up the panels and converters.

On average, installations can cost between £6,000 – £13,000 depending on the size of the system. This is without the cost of the solar panels themselves – just the installation only.

What is the installation process?

This is generally what to expect as a process for installing roof-mounted panels.

  1. Scaffolding

    This step is actually one of the more time-consuming parts of the job. Our installers set up a safe workplace with easy access to the roof so they can complete the job to a high standard with minimal risk.

  2. Fixing the mounting to the roof

    Whether you are having on-tile panels or in-tile, our next step is to get the brackets fitted in place. We have to remove tiles to get access to the support structures underneath. We then fix the mounting system for the panels to be attached.

  3. Installing the solar panels

    We then bolt the panels onto the prepared mounts, making sure they are fixed securely and with no margin for error.

  4. Installing the inverter inside the property

    With the panels ready to receive sunlight and produce electricity, we next need to work on converting that electricity into a current that you can use for your appliances. You will need an inverter installed next. We arrange all the electrical work, wiring up your inverter to the solar panel system.

  5. Connecting your inverter to the consumer unit

    Next we work on getting your electricity supply feeding into your consumer unit which will be fitted with your fuse box. You’ll be free to use the electricity your panels use and also choose to sell back excess electricity to the grid.

  6. Installing solar batteries

    If you wish to benefit from storing electricity for use at night, we supply solar batteries as well. These are set-up to connect to your inverter. You can also choose to have a hybrid battery that has a dual-function, converting electricity into an AC supply and then storing it for use as and when you are ready.

  7. Testing

    Once everything is installed, we then test your system. If everything is looking good, the process is then complete and you’ll be able to use free electricity right off the bat.

How long does installation take?

Installing solar panels can be completed within a day. We tend to spread this out over two days where we install the mounting system first then on the following day, we carry out the electrical work. We aim to get the job done with as minimal disruption as possible.

Each job is different however. More complex jobs can take longer and ground-mounted solar panels tend to take up more time if we need to prepare the area beforehand. We’ll cover our estimated time-frames when we come up with your bespoke project plan.

Do I need to carry out maintenance work myself?

One major benefit of having your solar panels fitted by a certified installer is that your panels will be under a warranty. If there’s any damage that needs repair work, it will be covered under the guarantee.

As solar panels are permanently fitted and durable in design, they generally avoid wear-and-tear. We do advise that you arrange for assessments every 5 or so years just to ensure that your panels are working optimally.

Carrying out maintenance work yourself is tricky when they are mounted on the roof. It is worth keeping them clean so if you are able to access them without risk, you can generally clean off the surface of the panels with a garden hose. You can arrange for a cleaning company to manage the work to scrub the surfaces clean if they are starting to look grimy.

How to get started

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