The Six Advantages of Solar Energy

By Dynamic Solar PV

Solar Panels Shining Sun

It has never been more urgent for a global effort to change from using fossil fuels as our main energy source. Our renewable options all present their own advantages and disadvantages. While we have more green energy opportunities than ever before, we are still a long way off from weaning off our global energy consumption from sources that produce carbon emissions. Countries all around the world are making huge strides in advancements in wind energy, geothermal energy and hydro energy. When it comes to a personal change to renewable energy however, only solar energy is an option and one that’s very achievable. On a grand scale, solar energy comes second to wind and hydro in terms of global contribution. On a smaller scale, solar energy delivers huge financial and environment benefits that every day consumers like yourself can make use of. Whether for the business or for your home, you can run your property off solar energy with solar PV panels.

But what are the main advantages for changing over your energy supply from the national grid to solar energy? We’re here to explain the main six advantages that cause our clients to invest in solar PV.

What is solar energy?

All types of radiation that comes directly from the sun is solar energy. Radiation in this context refers to all electromagnetic waves that reach us from the sun: light, infrared and ultraviolet. Solar energy is by far the most abundant source of energy that we have available to us on the planet and yet we lose a fair amount that is reflected back into space. With solar energy technology, we can harness the energy that comes from the sun and convert it into different energy types for our use. With solar thermal, we collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up a water supply. Using solar photovoltaic panels, we use sunlight to generate an electrical current, producing electricity. All energy that we generate and produce through solar energy is completely renewable and free from any carbon emissions.

What are the advantages of solar energy?

For the context of this blog, we’ll be talking mostly about small scale production which is possible for homeowners and business owners. While there are large solar power plants mass-producing electricity around the world, we’ll be covering private use and the advantages of owning your own supply of solar energy.

  1. Renewable

    All energy that comes from the sun is renewable and unlimited. We can harness it as long as we have sunlight which we will for at least a few billion years according to scientists. Because of the huge benefit renewable energy has over polluting energy sources such as coal and oil, renewable energy can be sold back to the national grid. With the Smart Export Guarantee in effect, your energy provider will pay you back according to their Solar Export Tariff. As Solar energy is completely renewable, you not only can keep making a profit but your source of electricity and heat isn’t ever going to run out.

  2. Zero carbon emissions

    Solar panels dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. While producing electricity using light from the sun, solar PV panels release no emissions and no pollution. Solar energy is a clean, eco-friendly way to power your home and business. If you use your solar PV panels to charge an electric car, you can further improve your positive impact on the environment as you cut back on your carbon footprint.

  3. Produces both Heat and Electricity

    Solar energy can be very versatile. There isn’t just one use. You can have both solar thermal panels and solar PV panels, using each to produce your hot water and electricity separately. Solar thermal panels collect the heat from the sun in pipes that are fluid filled. This heated fluid runs through a water heater where your hot water supply can be continuously heated during the day while the pipes retain the heat during the night. Solar thermal makes use of a staggering 80% of the heat that the panels absorb, making it a very efficient way to heat up your water.

    Solar PV panels produce electricity, not heat. However, the electricity you produce can easily be used to power the water heater in your property. Whichever way you wish to make use of solar energy, both will save you money and convert energy without any carbon emissions.

  4. Easy to store

    The downside to solar energy is easily addressed with the addition of solar battery storage. During the hours where productivity drops off at night time, you can make use of energy that you have stored up during the day. Solar batteries charge up using excess electricity so if you aren’t at home while your solar PV panels are hard at work, you don’t have to let the energy go to waste.

    You can also store solar energy as heat. Solar thermal panels are efficient at keeping warm while the sun has set. However, if you have a solar PV power system, you can change your electric heater for a heat battery. The stored heat can then be used as and when you need it, even when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity.

  5. Low Maintenance

    Once your solar PV panels are installed at your property, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. This is good news if you wish to have panels installed on your roof top. All they really need is to be kept clean, which is a simple enough task and doesn’t have to be done regularly (especially when rain will provide a natural wash). Professional cleaning companies are available to scrub your panels clean and will do so at a fairly affordable cost. You can arrange to have them cleaned at the same time as your windows.

    As they remain stationary, affixed to their mounting system, there aren’t any moving parts so repairs are rather rare. Solar panels tend to last as long as twenty to thirty years as long as they are looked after.

  6. Free energy

    On top of the environmental benefit of solar energy, there are personal ones. Chiefly, the amount of money that you save on your electricity bills the moment you have solar PV panels set up at your property. All electricity that you produce from your privately owned panels is yours and, therefore, carries no cost. You are free to use it as and when you please. Using your renewable energy supply reduces your dependency on the national grid. As a result, your meter readings are going to drop off majorly especially if you include battery storage.

    For business owners, this is a huge benefit. Large solar panel systems can truly take the edge of your expenses. If you are powering equipment that needs a constant electricity supply, solar energy will keep those machines running without racking up pricey bills.

How to benefit from solar energy

In the UK, there are over a thousand solar power plants producing a supply directly into our national grid. We all benefit from the electricity manufactured on a large scale, but it comes with a cost. Not all our electricity comes from renewable sources and, in fact, a large percentage doesn’t. To truly make a move to solar energy, you’ll have to do it yourself if you want to make the change now.

Getting started is actually very straight-forward. At Dynamic Solar, we’re experts in solar power solutions and have set up clients who are both homeowners and business owners. We offer an end-to-end service and can start from scratch. Our service is completely tailored as each property comes with its own expectations and factors. We provide a free quotation service that you can make use of here.

If you would like to know more about the potential savings you can make on your energy consumption as well as how much having your own solar PV system will cost, you can get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 01202 985325 or message us using our contact form.