The Benefits of Renewable Heating

By Dynamic Solar PV

Converting your central heating system over to a renewable heating system is an involved process. Having solar PV panels installed, replacing any gas boilers and potentially removing your radiators to swap with electric ones is a huge investment. However if it’s an investment that’s a possibility, it’s not an opportunity to pass up. The overall savings that you will make from no longer relying solely on your energy supplier to warm your home during the winter will benefit you in the long term.

At Dynamic Solar, we specialise in moving homes and businesses towards self-sufficiency and green energy. We provide a full service that doesn’t just stop at solar PV panel installation. If you wish to fully convert your energy and heating system to a renewable one, we can help along every step of the way, including arranging to have your old boilers and radiators removed. This blog goes into the benefits that you can enjoy with a renewable heating system that provides hot water and comfortable living.

What is a renewable heating system?

There are different renewable heating systems available and all produce heat that can be readily used in your home. Heat pumps draw heat from the outside to your home harnessing ambient heat to warm up water in a tank. Heat pumps can be installed in the ground or can use heat from the air. However, heat pumps need electricity to work. Biomass burners are considered a renewable heat technology, but produce carbon emissions.

The most efficient and carbon-free renewable heating system uses solar energy. There are two methods with which solar energy can be used to heat a water tank. Solar thermal panels use the sun’s heat to warm pipes full of water which run through a separate tank, warming up the water supply. Solar PV panels convert sunlight into electricity which can be used to power a water boiler in the property.

What are the advantages of a renewable heating system?

Having access to an renewable energy supply brings many advantages but when rigged up to an electric heating system, it brings all the more. Using solar power to fuel your central heating system gives you more peace of mind when the colder months come in.

Save money

The major incentive for a renewable heating system are the financial savings you will make. Heating a home doesn’t come cheap. Whether you have a gas or electric boiler, when the time comes to turn on the thermostat, you know it comes with a cost. With Solar PV, the electricity used for your hot water supply is free. You won’t be filled with dread when you open your winter utility bills. The savings you make will pay back the amount spent on your system, then continue to benefit your finances in the future.

Guilt-free heating

Due to the recent times of financial uncertainty, more and more of us are choosing to sacrifice our comfort in the winter to save money. Having your heat coming from a renewable source means you no longer have to shiver under multiple layers. Come home to a warm house during the bitter months without worrying about the cost to both your finances and the environment.

Upgrade your boiler to a heat battery

To have a completely renewable heating system, you will need to remove your gas boiler, but why stop there? Heat batteries are a much more efficient way to store heat which can be used to heat up a water tank.

At Dynamic Solar, we offer sunamp heat batteries which make fantastic additions to solar PV systems. Smaller and up to four times more efficient than a standard electric boiler, heat batteries make the most of each watt of electricity, meaning it takes less electricity to keep your water supply hot ready for use during the day and night. With the heat stored, ready to go, you won’t be using electricity from the grid during the hours when your panels aren’t producing electricity of their own.

How to get started on upgrading your central heating

Ready to move away from your dependency on fossil-fuels? We can help you get started with a free quote. We offer an end-to-end service starting right at the beginning. Our sister company, Dynamic Heaters, can arrange removing your old boilers and radiators, replacing them with smart, efficient german electric radiators that are much more efficient at warming a space. We can get to work installing solar PV panels either on the roof or ground, rigging your property up with free, renewable energy. We can help with installing heat batteries and storage batteries to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Just get in touch with our friendly team and we can talk through our services. You can contact us for a quote here or give us a call on 01202 985325.