Solar Panel With Sun On Them

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on the money you spend on electricity, Solar PV panels are the way forward. The initial investment in having panels installed is worth it in the long term as you save money while producing clean, renewable and free electricity. Solar energy in Wiltshire is becoming much more popular with businesses and homeowners making use of the benefits. With financial uncertainty making energy prices higher than ever, removing the stress of escalating energy bills is a huge bonus.

Dynamic Solar offers roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar PV panels that convert sunlight into electricity. You can choose to use the energy during the day, sell it back to the grid and make money on the Solar Export Tariff or store it in solar batteries for use later in the day or at night. We provide full Solar PV systems with storage in mind, making your property as self-sufficient as possible.

What is Solar PV?

Making the move to renewable energy comes with a host of benefits, not least the one to the environment. Solar PV Panels convert sunlight into electricity directly, generating a source of energy that can be used in place of electricity sourced from the national grid. Solar power is a carbon-free energy source thus reducing your carbon footprint. Solar energy is the primary solution for homes and businesses looking to be self-sufficient, an attractive option during the current energy crisis. Not only can Solar PV Panels save money on electricity bills, but excess electricity that isn’t consumed can be sold back to the grid, making you money.

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Solar Energy For The Home

With the electricity costs going ever on the rise, many households are choosing to install solar panels to save money on their electricity bills. All the electricity that Solar PV Panels produce during the day is completely independent from your electricity provider, meaning that energy consumption in the daytime is completely free. Solar Panels are a fantastic choice for houses with plenty of roof space to make the most of.

Properties with South facing roofs will benefit the most from Solar Panels, although, even West & East facing roof surfaces can generate large quantities of electricity. This electricity can be used directly as and when it's produced, powering your appliances during the day or it can be stored in batteries for use later during the night.

No electricity goes to waste as you can also have the option to stay wired to the national grid. Excess electricity can earn your money through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) where your energy supplier will provide a solar export tariff.

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Powering Your Business With Solar PV

Our service isn’t limited to residential property. We install solar power systems for businesses in Wiltshire. We can help business owners save money further down the line by reducing the cost of their electricity usage through having their own energy supply that produces free and clean energy.

Solar Panels can run high-input systems that cause the biggest draw on your business’s energy consumption. Even if your solar panels cannot cover your total consumption, they can ease expenses - especially if you have equipment that runs 24/7. Investing in solar power for your business will reduce your dependency on non-renewable electricity, bringing down your carbon footprint and making your business a frontrunner in clean energy.

Why Choose Solar PV in Wiltshire?

Why Choose Dynamic Solar for Your Solar PV Installation in Wiltshire?

Dynamic Solar PV is part of Vanquish Eco Limited, a reputable company specialising in the domestic renewables sector. Our mission is to offer a superior, end to end solar PV installation service. Our services are audited by the NICEIC / MCS & Which? Trusted Trader. We are also part of the RECC, IWA deposit & guarantee protection scheme & are fully MCS accredited.

Our installation service covers all of Winchester with our team making on-site visits to carry out technical surveys, installation, upkeep and additional fittings. Our local Solar Installation service is available for residential and commercial use. We deliver renewable solutions across the south coast.

Solar PV Installation

Wiltshire Solar Panel Installations

Our service covers most of Wiltshire, including Salisbury, Swindon, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Warminster.

Our Process

Dynamic Solar’s end-to-end service all starts with a free quote which you can easily apply for using our online booking form. A specialist from our team will call to arrange a design and quotation for your property in Wiltshire, looking into your specific needs, your average energy consumption, how much available space your property has for solar panels and how much sunlight your property receives during the daytime.

Initial quote

Dynamic Solar’s end-to-end service all starts with a free quote which you can easily apply for using our online booking form. A specialist from our team will call to arrange a design and quotation for your property in Wiltshire, looking into your specific needs, your average energy consumption, how much available space your property has for solar panels and how much sunlight your property receives during the daytime.

Property survey

We arrange a site visit so we can fully assess how much space you have available for your solar PV panels. If your roof space isn’t suitable, we can ground-mount the panels as an alternative to make use of previously unused space. We’ll be able to give you a more accurate picture of how many panels we can fit and how much electricity you’ll be able to produce during the sunlight hours. We can also take a look inside your property for where we will need to install an inverter to turn the electricity into a supply your appliances can run off. If you’re also interested in having batteries installed, we’ll take a look at what space you have available.

Installing your solar PV panels

Our team of specialist electricians and solar panel fitters are fully qualified to carry out all necessary work involved in fitting a solar PV system. Our installation service includes fitting your solar panels, taking the matter out of your hands and carrying out the job safely, correctly and efficiently. Our service includes roof-mounted panels and ground-mounted panels. Our electricians will also connect your panels to your mains supply, ensuring that you can benefit from your new source of renewable energy as soon as possible.

We fit around your schedule to reduce any disruption and inconvenience. How long we need, how many visits we believe our team will require to install your system, will all be covered in your free quote.

Adding storage to your system

Solar PV Panels generate electricity during the day-time hours - however you can still benefit from the renewable energy source during the night. At Dynamic Solar, we offer wall-mounted batteries which charge during the day using the electricity that you don’t use. These batteries are essential for households who wish to benefit from reduced dependence on grid electrical supply - a completely pollution-free and renewable energy supply. Solar batteries can power your home during the night with solar energy stored during the day, removing the need of relying on back-up generators and the national grid.

We highly recommend that you choose solar battery storage as part of your solar PV installation to make the most of your free electricity supply. We also offer heat batteries which use excess solar power to heat up your hot-water supply and provide a green solution to your central heating needs.


How much does it cost to install a solar panel in the UK?

On average, installations can cost between £6,000 - £13,000 depending on the size of the system. This would include all supply, installation and access equipment (scaffolding). Every case is different which is why we offer a free survey and quote so you can receive a transparent overview of the cost.

Are there still grants for solar panels?

The Government offers 0% VAT on renewable energy. If you sell solar energy back to your electricity supplier, you can make a return based on the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). This scheme encourages more households and businesses to invest in renewable energy such as Solar PV. Most suppliers offer a Solar Export Tariff which pays you back for every kilowatt you send back to the national grid. It’s worth looking into the different tariffs available as changing your supplier could mean you receive more money back through a better tariff.

There are loans and grants available for businesses for solar energy. You can find more information about what’s available here.

Is it worth getting solar panels during the energy crisis?

Solar PV in Wiltshire is becoming a more and more popular investment for homes and businesses due to the exponential rise in electricity bills. The electricity that privately owned solar panels produce is completely independent from the national grid and so therefore is free. It isn’t affected by the crisis and will remain free as long as you produce the electricity on your property. It is tax-free and yours to use as you wish.

Now is the best time to invest in solar power while solar export tariffs are still being offered, meaning you will have the best chance to make back the cost of the solar panels and their installation. The money you save from utility bills on top of the money you make back will cover the cost over a few years and then continue to profit your home and business.

Can I run my house on solar power only?

Depending that you have enough space on your property to mount sufficient solar panels, have enough sunlight on your property to ensure the panels generate as much electricity as they can and have solar batteries installed, you can run a house completely off solar energy. A survey of your house is the best way to check if you can completely cover your energy consumption with Solar PV alone. We offer free surveys in Wiltshire.

How does Solar PV work?

Photovoltaics, PV, is the process in which solar energy is converted into an electrical charge. Within a solar panel, there are many solar cells which work together like the cells in a battery. Each solar cell contains layers of semi-conductive materials which absorb energy from the sun - photons. These photons excite the atoms in the layers, causing them to transfer electrons from one layer to the next, causing a current of electricity. This generates a flow of electrons, a DC current, which is then sent to an inverter. The inverter converts the DC current into an AC current. The AC current then enters your mains supply, powering your household.

Solar Panel With Sun On Them

Our Other Services In Wiltshire

Be more efficient with renewable energy by improving your heating system and electricity supply. Our additional services reduce your energy consumption even further.

Heat batteries

Replacing your hot water boiler with a heat battery means you don’t have to use electricity from the grid to heat your water supply at night. Heat batteries store heat using electricity which is then released later to keep your water supply warm during all hours of the day. Heat batteries are four times more efficient than electric boilers.

Battery storage

When the sun sets, your solar PV panels stop producing electricity. To cut back on how much electricity you use from your energy supplier, solar battery storage allows you to store electricity for use when the sun isn’t around. The batteries charge up during the day, using electricity that you’re not consuming, ready to be used.

Power your property in Wiltshire with renewable energy

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