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Solar Panel Fittings

At Dynamic Solar, we install solar PV panels all across the South West, covering Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Our team of fully accredited and audited electricians and contractors fit solar power systems for both domestic and business use. Whether roof-mounted or ground mounted, no job is too big or small. We assess and quote every job on an individual basis, surveying the property ahead of fitting to determine the space available, the amount of sunlight and the angle of the roof.

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  • Minimal disruption

  • Free quotation service

  • Competitive pricing

  • End to end service

  • Battery storage systems available

Why choose us to fit your solar panels?

  • Fully accredited and qualified for the job

    Dynamic Solar PV is fully compliant with MCS and RECC standards. All our work meets the correct safety regulations and is finished to a high standard.

  • Ready to go the moment we’re done

    As part of the fitting, we set your solar PV system up through MCS to benefit from the solar export tariff. Once our work is complete, you'll have free and profitable electricity ready to use.

  • Tailored end-to-end service

    We take care from start-to-finish. The installation is only a part of our service. As every job, every client and every home is different, we provide a free quote before we get started. If you’re happy to go ahead, we then get into the details. We also provide a warranty.

  • Always put you first during the process

    We have a dedicated team to assist with a smooth installation and ongoing support. We take care to limit any disruption at your home or business, working around your schedule to get the job done in a timely manner.

  • Also provide battery storage

    At Dynamic Solar, we harness the full potential of solar PV. Adding solar batteries saves even more money on electric bills, bringing you closer to independence from the grid.

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Can I fit solar panels myself?

No. Only a qualified solar panel installer can complete the job to a high standard while complying with the necessary safety standards. Installing solar panels also requires wiring them to the property’s main’s supply, a job that should only be done by a qualified and experienced electrician.

How much does it cost to have solar panels fitted?

On average, installations can cost between £6,000 - £13,000 depending on the size of the system. This would include all supply, installation and access equipment (scaffolding). However, every job is different which is why we arrange for free surveys so we can provide you a bespoke quote free of charge.

Is it worth getting solar panels?

With electric prices only rising, more and more households are making the move to supply their own source of free electricity for security down the line. The initial investment will only pay off in the future, saving thousands of pounds that would have been spent on utility bills and making back money through the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee).

We strongly recommend that if you wish to fit solar panels, you also consider having battery storage installed so you use stored electricity during the night and during hours where the weather is overcast. Wall-mounted batteries can come as hybrid converters, an essential for your solar power system, saving on space in your home.

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

While installing solar panels is considered as ‘permitted development’ by most local authorities, there are some conditions that may mean you need to contact the council for confirmation.

You can find out more about the conditions here.

When we carry out a survey of your property and provide a quote, we will advise if you need planning permission as we are familiar with the local requirements.

Does the Feed-in scheme still exist for solar power?

The Small Exports Guarantee (SEG) scheme has replaced the Feed-in scheme, which the UK Government closed in 2018. The SEG allows households to gain a licence that gives them the freedom to export renewable energy back to the national grid, receiving payment from their choice of electric supplier. Each energy supplier offers a tariff rate for exported solar energy and we recommend that you shop around to see which tariff is best for your circumstances as your existing supplier may have a low tariff.

We can help point you in the right direction towards a supplier that will provide the most lucrative options if selling power back to the grid is an opportunity you will make the most out of.

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