Our Top 10 Benefits For Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

By Dynamic Solar PV

Solar PV panels bring a host of fantastic benefits to both homeowners and business owners. It’s easier than ever to have solar panels fitted at your property. At Dynamic Solar, we source and fit solar panels for homes all over the South of the UK. We’re constantly sharing the real benefits that our clients see after they have their solar panels fitted with us. If investing in solar panels is something that’s on your mind but need further convincing that it’s a worthy choice, take a look at our top 10 benefits of having your own solar PV system.

  1. Lower your electricity bills

    From the moment your solar panel installer wires up your panels to the inverter, you start saving money. Solar energy is completely free. The electricity you’ll generate from your solar panels comes with no hidden costs. As long as you’re using the free electricity, you’re not using any from the national grid. You’ll see dramatic savings on your electricity bills as you depend more on your own electricity source.

    Combining solar panels with solar batteries will further increase your savings as you will be able to use stored power overnight.

  2. Reduce carbon footprint

    Adding solar panels to your home helps the environment as you make use of renewable energy. At present, most of the electricity powering the national grid comes from natural gas – a fossil fuel that emits greenhouse gases when burned off in power stations. While in the UK, there has been a great effort to increase our dependence on renewable energy, we are still a far way from being completely carbon-free. Solar panels give homeowners and businesses the opportunity to contribute to this change themselves, making a personal impact on the environment.

  3. Stress-Free Installation

    Roof mounted and ground mounted panels can all be installed on a property without any major works or disruption to your home. You do however have to arrange for a professional installer to fit the panels as well as wire up your solar panel system to your house so you can benefit from the electricity right away. At Dynamic Solar, we take care of every aspect of the installation. We supply your panels and equipment, including any battery storage that you would like to add. Our experienced installers and electricians then fit your panels and wire them up to an inverter so you have ready use of usable electricity.

  4. Low Maintenance

    Once your panels are up and fitted, they don’t need much, if any, maintenance. Solar PV panels can last for as long as thirty years granted they don’t encounter any damage. As they don’t have any moving parts, they are mostly safe from any wear-and-tear. With roof panels being safely out of the way, they can keep generating electricity without any interruptions. The only maintenance work that we recommend is keeping the panel surfaces clean. This can be easily arranged through a window cleaning service or by yourself if you feel safe up a ladder with a squeegee.

  5. Perfect for powering an electric car

    One of the main drawbacks of transitioning to an electric car is how to keep the batteries topped up while at home. Charging from your own electricity supply brings the hazard of increasing your electricity bills far higher than you would like. However, with solar panels, you remove that issue as you’ll be able to charge your car using free electricity that you are making through your solar panels. The electricity that then powers your car is pollution-free, further reducing your carbon footprint. Running an electric car is already cheaper than petrol, but with solar panels, you’ll be running your car for free.

  6. Increase property value

    According to bettermove, pre-installed solar panels increase a property’s value by an average of £32,459. Buyers will be looking to benefit from lower electricity costs and savings that solar panels provide. Investing in solar panels now, even if you don’t have any plans to sell, will pay itself back through the increase in how much the property is worth on the market. Having solar panels improves your home’s EPC rating which directly affects how much your property is worth.

  7. Earn money through Smart Export Guarantee

    In the UK, it’s possible to sell renewable energy back to the national grid through the Smart Export Guarantee. Electricity that you don’t use from your solar panels can earn you back money as your electricity provider will pay you based on their own Solar Export Tariff. How you receive these payments and how much money you can make off selling renewable energy all depends on your electricity provider. We do recommend that you shop around for providers as there could be a company that offers a higher tariff than the one you’re currently with.

  8. Eventual return on investment

    It’s no secret that buying and installing solar PV panels is expensive. While solar panels are substantially cheaper and more readily available now, they do come with a price tag that puts many off. However, when factoring in both the savings that are made on electricity bills and the amount of money earned through selling energy back to the grid, you eventually make back the money you spent. It can take around five to ten years to fully make back your money and then continue to profit.

  9. Avoid power outages

    While it’s not a common inconvenience, having solar PV panels does remove the likelihood of having your power knocked out by a local power outage. Whether the power has gone down due to a storm or because of maintenance work on the power lines, you won’t be affected. Having solar panels acts almost like you have a generator at your property. You’ll have access to clean, free electricity all day long.

  10. Promotes energy efficient living

    When you upgrade to solar energy, you also upgrade your electric metre with a smart metre. You’ll have greater control over your energy consumption, knowing what you use and when you use it. You can take better control over your energy consumption as a result and look into ways of being more energy efficient. In addition to our solar panels, at Dynamic Solar we also have solutions for efficient heating in the home. We offer heat batteries to replace water heaters – a system that is four times as efficient. At our sister company, Dynamic Heaters, we offer state-of-the-art German electric radiators which are a fantastic alternative for outdated central heating systems and use much less energy to heat a room.

  11. Interested in making the most of these benefits yourself?

    Our team of solar panel experts are on hand to answer any questions you have about the benefits of having a solar PV panel system. You can get in touch by sending your questions through our contact form or speak to us directly on 01202 985 325.

    We can also give you a free quote. As every house has different factors, your quote is bespoke to you. You can request a quote here.