How To Heat Your Home With Renewable Energy

By Dynamic Solar PV

The incentives behind changing your home’s heating system to a renewable one makes the change worth the initial costs. Not only does using carbon-free energy to warm your home benefit the environment, it has a huge benefit on your finances especially during times where the costs of gas and electricity are rising. If you’re looking to save money in the long term, solar PV will reduce your electricity bills. It’s the most cost-efficient way to power your central heating. It is possible to heat your home using renewable energy only with a solar PV panel system, cutting back on your utility bills and saving you large sums of money during the colder months. Adding heat batteries and storage batteries to the system gives you the most out of every watt of electricity that your solar panels produce for free.

Here is how you can keep your home warm over the winter with no more worries about the cost of comfort.

Step One – Have Solar PV Panels installed

If you’ve got ample roof-space available at your property, you’ll be able to have a decent number of solar panels installed to generate enough electricity to heat your home. You can also have solar panels ground mounted if you have space outside that’s otherwise not being used.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Arranging for solar panel specialists to survey your property and give you a quote for the work is straightforward. At Dynamic Solar, our team of experts can give you a bespoke quote for your solar PV panels and all electrical work involved in the installation. We also offer a host of additional extras that could really benefit your heating system, making it as efficient as possible.

Once you have your solar PV panels installed, you’ll be producing free electricity whenever there is sunlight. Any excess electricity that you make and don’t consume can be sold back to the grid. Under the Smart Exports Guarantee, electricity providers have to offer a Solar Export Tariff. Each provider offers a different rate so it’s worth shopping around to see where you can make the most money back.

Step Two – replace your heating system with an electric one

How you choose to then heat your property depends on your radiators and central heating system. Solar PV Panels can power an electric boiler, but a plumbed central heating system may not be the most efficient way to heat your home with so much heat lost on route to the radiators through the pipes. With a Solar PV system, you need to make the most out of every watt produced. Changing your central heating system to electric radiators is a more efficient and smart way to keep your home warm.

Once you’ve done away with your old gas boiler, you can rig your heating system up to your renewable energy supply. However you decide to heat your home, you’ll be benefiting from clean, carbon-free electricity that’s freely produced at your property.

Step Three – replace your water boiler with a Heat Battery

If you do choose to swap out your plumbed central heating with electric radiators, you can also upgrade your water boiler to a heat battery to make your system as energy efficient as possible. Heat Batteries only provide you with hot water, but will have on hand stored heat that you can use at any time of the day. Your solar panels will produce the electricity that produces the stored heat during the day, ready to be used at night.

At Dynamic Solar, we offer sunamp Heat Batteries as an option for your solar PV panel system. Heat batteries are smaller and can be up to four times more efficient as your standard electric water boiler.

You can find out more about Heat Batteries here.

Step Four – Have Solar Battery Storage installed

Solar energy can only power electric radiators and your hot water system during the day when there is sunshine. During the night and on overcast days, unless you have batteries, you’ll be using electricity from the grid. During the cold nights in winter, you’re going to be more dependent on electricity that you have to pay for to warm up your home. Solar battery storage allows you to use excess electricity during the day to charge up batteries so you have a backup of electricity to make use of when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity.
Heat your home the smart, efficient and green way with renewable energy

Setting up your home with a self-sufficient heating system is the best way to save your money and save the environment. To really get the most out of your private supply of electricity, investing in electric radiators and storage heaters will stretch out every kilowatt of electricity you produce.

Our sister company, Dynamic Heating, offer german electric radiators that combine both stored heat and direct heat. You can find out more about upgrading your central heating system here.