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Battery Storage

A battery storage system in conjunction with a solar PV system can dramatically improve your use of self-generated electricity. As solar PV generates most of its power throughout the day, this is not always the most convenient time for the generated energy to be used in the home. Installing a battery system allows you to store this extra electricity to use as and when you require it.

Having a storage system in place is a step towards making your house or business off-grid. With stored electricity in place, you can become self-reliant and have no need for back-up generators or national grid electricity. Solar battery storage systems are pollution-free and powered solely with renewable energy, keeping your property powered all around the clock, whether there is sunlight or not.

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GivEnergy Solar Battery
  • Store energy for use later

  • Utilise energy generation

  • Reduce homes carbon footprint

  • Reduce electricity bills

  • Reduce grid dependence

Why Use Solar Battery Storage?

  • Save Money

    Rather than paying for electricity to convert night-time consumption, you use the free, stored electricity instead - cutting back on any bills you still pay.

  • Utilise Self Generated Electricity

    You might not always want to use electricity at the time it is generated. A battery can store this power for use later.

  • Eco Friendly

    Utilising a battery reduces your homes carbon footprint and increases environmental responsibility.

  • Run Heating & Hot Water

    By storing energy in the day, rather than sending this back to the grid, you can use it in the evening for heating and hot water.

  • Simple To Install

    Battery systems can be installed in most locations with a straightforward & quick, installation.

  • End To End Solution

    Dynamic Solar PV take care from start to finish. We have a dedicated team to assist with a smooth installation and ongoing support.

  • Low Maintenance

    Solar PV ground mount systems are hassle free and do not require much maintenance.

  • Warranty

    Alongside manufacturers warranties, Dynamic Solar PV also provide a workmanship warranty and insurance.

  • Energy Independence

    Installing a battery system can assist with energy independence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar batteries worth it?

Battery storage is useful as it will store power for use in the home later when your solar PV might not be generating. In the evening, your solar pv generation will be very little. This might be the time of day you use the most power in your home. By utilising battery storage, you can store the energy generated by solar in the day use in the evening without the need to buy any electricity from the grid.

What is the difference between storage batteries and hybrid inverters?

There are two different types of solar battery. Which one you need depends on whether you already have an inverter (which will be the case if you already have Solar PV installed) or whether you are having the entire system installed from scratch. All solar power systems need an inverter to change the electrical current produced by the solar panels into an AC supply for consumption. Hybrid batteries have the inverter built in and are an option for new systems. A standard battery comes without.

How much are storage batteries for solar panels?

With our solar batteries, we provide bespoke quotes per job as the price for batteries varies so much with different factors coming into play. That’s why we offer free surveys so we can provide a quote free-of-charge that comes with no hidden surprises. We cover all the fees, including extras that are required as part of having batteries fitted that aren’t included in the cost of the batteries themselves.

To find out more about our free quotation service get in touch.

How long can batteries store solar energy?

This does depend on the battery. Generally, most batteries will hold a charge for a couple of days. Higher end models will be able to hold a charge for longer, however if you are more likely to be using up the energy stored, you can easily manage with a mid-range model.

What size solar battery do I need?

If you are running equipment that needs a lot of energy to run, like air-conditioning units and large refrigerators, you will need a lot more storage space than a standard home. What battery size you need depends on your energy consumption and on your solar PV panels. You may not produce enough electricity to fully charge extra batteries. We can recommend the best storage system for your average consumption, making sure that you always have enough electricity stored for the times when you need it.

Could I have multiple batteries if one is not big enough?

Yes, we can include multiple batteries if necessary. If you have a particular storage capacity you are trying to achieve, let us know in the design and quotation stages and we will be able to plan for this.

Do you install the products?

Yes, our team of experts install a wide range of solar battery storage. We provide all necessary sign-off and warranty.

Are you MCS accredited?

Yes, Dynamic Solar PV is fully MCS accredited under the NICEIC.

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